Hes Got To Have Brains.

My site on handicap-dating.co.uk is one of the best things that has happened to me in many years. It has become part of me,the window to the world,the place where I hang out.It`s not because I´m caged in within my flat,but I have a disability which entails that I don’t go out too much to meet other people, just like other people without a disability do.Handicap-dating.co.uk is super!

I have acquired a large network of lovely people,whom I didn’t know before.I have been on several dates with nice men,and that has ment, that I have met some of their friends,men and women.There are a lot of positive ripples in the water.

Recently I have been more focused on finding a date,potentially a new partner.What I have experienced is missing on some of these previous dates, is a lack of common reference points,common interests and similar attitudes to things.Previously I was focused on just getting out and meeting some interesting men, and not particularly aware of what type of man I would like to meet.Not to belittle the guys that I previously have dated, but a guy has got to have something between the ears before I get turned on.

I´m quite well educated, and have studied at university for several years, indulging quite a lot in reading books.

I´m a retired TP-player and Word Feud Player. I love high level quizzes.I have started to write about them when I´m on my profile.It seems to have given bonus points,as I have been contacted by two men, who both are capable of challenging me intellectually.Both are quite a bit older than me-and different from my previous dates.Thats actually irrelevant.I can sense that they have a lot of life experience.They tell me interesting stories from their lives- about­:family,work,travels,politics etc.

That is something that tickles my attention.I have told them,that I´m writing with two men simultaneously.That has really sparked them to life.

I reckon that I am going to have a date with them,each by himself.The magic should also be able to exist out in the real world.I was considering doing speedating with them,but decided that it had to take place in the traditional sense;one at a time,with dinner,wine,and time to talk.The old fashioned way.

When I have met them both,I hope I´ll be more clear about which of them I prefer.It could also end up in the reversed situation,were non of them want me…hmmm. We will deal with that at the time.

Blessed thoughts

Kirsty Johnson



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