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Just wanted to say,that handicap-dating.co.uk is a super dating site.I have had problems getting in contact with girls,as I´m confined to a wheelchair.Not least,it has to be a girl that I can talk to.

I have naturally dated girls,and have also had some longer relationships.I think that it is difficult when you are in your mid twenties, and don’t particularly want to weekend socialize in town.Its simply too award.My friends are really kind,and want to take me along and help me.I really don’t fancy it.It’s not there that I will meet the type of girl that I fancy.On the contrary,I have found her through handicap-dating.co.uk.

This is where I got contact with wonderful Susan. She had a profile on Handicap-dating.co.uk,but didn’t feel like the guys she had contact with were her type.She had a friend who had a profile on handicap-dating.co.uk, and one day they looked at the site together.Susan noticed my profile,and got her girlfriend to instigate the contact between us.

I didn’t know what to believe.Susan had seen my profile picture,which she obviously liked.She said that what had prompted her to contact me, was the fact that we both were mad about old american films.The films we have been watching since childhood, and that we have collected on DVD.

Quite quickly we arranged to meet up for a date.Naturally we were going to the cinema together.It wasn’t an old American film we saw, but a new one.It was very good,but we were really more interested in talking to each other.After one hour we left the cinema, and headed for a café.

I think our café evening was one of the best evenings out for many years. We laughed,talked and enjoyed ourselves.She is mad about Charlie Chaplin and Bogart-and I`m fond of old soldier films with John Wayne.We generally both like old american films.

Apart from that we discovered many other common interests between us.So one date evolved into many other dates.

Our dates turned into romance-and from there we have become


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