I Found Love Again.

I would like to share some of my experiences here with you on handicap-dating.co.uk.It´s not more than three months ago,that I created a profile here on the site.I heard about it from one of my colleagues at work,and was told how wonderful it was.She is just like me,at home as a single mum.She rarely goes out.I have my daughter most of the time,as her dad doesn`t wish to see her.It´s only if my parents offer to babysit Jasmine,that I once in awhile go out with my friends.


My colleague told me how much fun it is to chat with new interesting people online,and how she has got to date guys again.I wanted to try that,so my kind colleague helped my create a profile on hanicap-dating.co.uk


After all the events with Jasmines dad,I haven´t had faith in guys.He left when I was eight months pregnant,and it was revealed that he all the time had been courting other women.He claimed that he was not the father,even though I knew that it could only be him.I was advised to go the legal way,and the result was that he was deemed to be the father.Still he doesn`t want to be part of her life,and I simply do not understand why.


Many say that we should be happy that he can´t interfere in her upbringing,as he is such an idiot.That´s of course true,but the result is that I haven´t had any trust in men for a long time.


But then I put up a profile on Handicap-dating.co.uk.I the beginning I wrote with several guys.It was really cosy.It was interesting to have contact with men that enjoyed being fathers.That is completely new talk for me.I dated a few of them,but it only resulted in those one off meetings.We were too different.I kept writing, and one day I got a message from Steven.Single dad,and gorgeous looking;it just felt right.He wrote the sweetest words to me,and I thought that it was not possible for a man to be that truly kind.I thought whether he just was pretending.There was something honest about him,so I agreed to date him.


When we met,lightning struck.It just felt so natural to hug him,and quickly hugs became kisses.We spoke all evening and half the night.Since that day,we have spoken almost every day.It didn´t take long before we were partners,and we went to Disneyland,when our kids were to meet the first time.I was a success!


We are both sure that we have found our partners for life.I`m happy that I have found love again.This with a guy that is kind to my daughter Jasmin,and doesn´t treat her differently from his own child when we are together.


Love From


The Lovers”


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