Way Out of Loneliness.

Since my wife died three years ago,I have been alone with our son who is now five.She got killed in a tragic car accident.It took along time for me to get over the bereavement of my wife Susan,and I spent much time making sure that my son would have a normal life again.My nature is quiet and shy,so I´m not the person you usually notice at gatherings or parties.My wifes and my family have both been there for me and my son during this crisis.It has been a great support for us.


At a certain time one finds out that life must go on,and as I´m only 35 I felt that I still had alot of life to live.I don´t find it easy going out fridays and saturdays;related with someone having to look after my son,and also the fact that I´m not that keen on socialising in out on the town.Because of that, I know that I lay hindrances for myself.I just learned to accept that I´m slightly atypical in that fashion.


By chance I heard of handicap-dating.co.uk.I got curious and I decided to study the medium.Especially it appealed to me,that I could sit at home and get to know new people and network.I see it as a way out of my loneliness.


I put up a profile and picture,and have already had contact with several interesting girls.It´s of course singles with kids,so we have a common understanding of the process and challenges.It actually nice to have people to speak with,apart from family,related to daily life issues.


Especially one of the girls interest me.She is an engineer like I,and lives here in California.She is alone with two kids,and has some of the same issues as I concerning shyness.We have lots of common interests,like Woody Allen movies,and both of us like trekking out in nature.We have arranged to me in Sacramento next week.We`ll take at as it comes;maybe it will be a success or a disappointment.I hope that we under all circumstances can continue our friendship,even though we don´t become partners.




John Jackson   San Francisco



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