Return Of My Adult Life.

My name is Charlotte and I´m a single mum with two young boys.I´ll tell you a little about the benefits that I have encountered whilst having a profile on Single-Parent.Com.


I have been alone with my sons for 3 years,since the youngest was a couple of months old. One day my sons father came and told me that he had met someone else,and that he didn`t want to be tied down by family life.


It was a huge shock and a very hard experience to deal with,but despite their fathers foolish behaviour,I luckily received a lot of support from my family.I decided that despite this, my boys were going to have a good life.In the last three years I have focused my attention on my sons,and have also been taking some further education,which has enabled me to land a very good job.


At a certain stage I discovered that I had lost myself slightly in this process.I have got good friends,but it`s not easy to run around socialising,when one has the sole responsibility for ones kids.Frankly…I don`t actually feel like going out every weekend or second weekend,in order to match up with someone.


I then heard about from my cousin.After some reflection,I decided to put up my own profile on Single-Parent.Com.It really became a fun evening whilst doing that .My cousin turned up at my place,and we spent time putting on makeup,choosing clothes and making a good profile picture of me.Afterwards we created a username and my profile text.


After uploading my profile,I was really excited about whether I would receive any contacts,at least just a couple.Wow..I just got loads.Obviously it doesn´t scare the men away,being a single parent mother,responsible for the upkeep of her children.It`s really great,but that is also what is all about.


I was busy answering contacts and writing with a few of the guys.After some time I met up with one of them.He was really nice.We dated for a while,and then I was finally ready to go ”all the way”.It was slightly overstepping boundaries,as I had not been with a man for 3 years.He was a really lovely guy,respectful,calm and careful.It was a success,but we have not become love partners.


Just wanted to say that having a profile on has been really good for me.It has been an eye opener,as I discovered that I also have the right to an adult life.It´s easy for me to keep contact with potential subjects, as i can write in the evening when my boys are sleeping.I also decide when I want to meet up with them.Summing it up,I feel that I have regained my adult life,without it being a burden on my sons.


If there are any other single parents out there,reflecting on whether to join,I can heartily can tell them-YES!Quickly put up a profile on the site,you`ll not regret it!


Love from


Mother of two”


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