She Danced Into My Life.

On it is possible to find a partner who has the same interests as oneself.That`s great.I`m a single dad of a son and daughter,respectively 8 and 10.I have them stay over a week at a time,and naturally my ex has them the ohter week.Even though that is was difficult getting divorced,I still think that it is the best outcome for our children.No more silly arguments,and when we are with our children,it`s total focus on them.When my children are not with me,I have the opportunity to pursue my great hobby which is lindance.


Many might laugh at this, but I don`t care,because I`m having a ball of a time.I learnt it when I was in high school in Texas many years ago.I have acquired lots of good friends through the dance environment,but no partner.Thats what I really want.


I heard of,and thought that it was something I should try.You wouldn´t dream how great it is.There`s loads of nice people and lovely girls.Just think…I could sit and choose between several women.Some might laugh and joke about it on,but there are also many that think that it is a lovely activity.Especially the lovely ladies,so I wonder who is going to have the last laugh.


I got to know Janice about a year ago.She is my first and to date only date in this forum.She dances line dance like a dream,I the beginning we just wrote to eachother,but it soon got more serious.We developed a deep interest in eachother,and decided that we wanted to meet eachothers children. We have been online with eachother 

many late nights on skype,and then we finally also had to meet eachother in ”reality”.


Our date was great,Janice was gorgeous,and I quickly fell in love with her.After our first date,there was a Line Dance competition.I invited Valery to come,as I knew that she also liked to dance.It was super!!!… we just danced and danced our footwear worn,and had a great party atmosphere.We spend as much time as possible together.We live about 30 miles apart,and have to cater for our families in daily life.


Janice and I would like to send our warmest recommendations concerning using you find it difficult to find a partner, just get online and make a profile!!!!


Yeehaa from the Dancing Cowboy



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