Preferably He Should Have Children.


When I have ventured onto,it has predominantly been men with children that I have looked at.I know that this often brings with it classical challenges,like which weeks are the kids staying,holiday and school arrangements,and sometimes issues with ex wives etc.This all belances out, when communicating with a man that knows about these issues,compared to a man that is not a parent.


I have dated several men in my time where I have been on has usually been some good dates.Then men have been cool,and I have had some good evenings.Some of them I have been dating several times, but for some reason or another it has not developed any further than that.There was also one of dates were I thought:I know why that person is on was a little unbearable.With him it only happened once


Fortune has changed.I have met Peter,and he is totally different.It was actually me that contacted him on the site.He sounded interesting.He`s a policeman,father of two teenagers,and seemingly interested really deeply in his kids lives and wellbeing.From the time I wrote to him,and he got back to me, only a couple of hours passed.And guy was turned on.We had lots og long and good conversations in that first period.After the first period of writing,things really got deeper;we both had so much to discuss,and questions to be asked.I also have two teenage children,so there is alot to reflect on,in regards to having children.


We then started to call eachother on the phone,and that resulted in the first date out in ”reality”.

I don`t know whether other people feel nervous before a date, but I surely was with this one coming up.I`m sure it was because I really wanted the date to run smoothly,and that he would feel attracted to me,and I to him.We ended up having a fantastic evening.


We started discussing straight forward issues…like our chirldren.Showed pictures of them,our homes,holidays,family and friends.It was lovely sitting opposite eachother chatting.Our discussion took on another dimension in the fact that we could look into eachothers eyes.We really woke up to something new,the great potentials for us to be lovers and partners.We never had that dessert,instead we grabbed a cab home to my place.. and had a magical and wonderful night.


When we awoke next morning,we both decided that we wanted to continue seeing eachother.So that`s what we have done.We are now officially partners,and our children have met eachother on several occasions.We don´t live in the same city,only 25 miles apart.We both feel that it is perfect that we each live in our own space,it works well for us.Every second weekend,and two or three days a week we are without our children.Our children are old enough to also appreciate,a bit of timeout from the adults.


Love from Lorna



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