I Met My Man Again.

I have two adolescent children with my ex husband.We met in elementary school and became partners at an early age.We had children and lived together for 10 years,and as time went we grew apart.That happened when I was 25 and he was 26.That`s now eight years ago.We have actually never become antagonistic towards eachother.We have shared custody of our children, and that has worked well for us.I`ve become fed up being alone.I`m not for man hunting out on the town every weekend or second weekend.Some friends of mine recommended handicap-dating.co.uk.Both spoke highly of the site,as they had experienced good things in relationship with handicap-dating.co.uk.


I thought to myself,that nothing could happen by trying having a profile on the site.I wrote with some men,and that resulted in a couple of dates.It was great,but didn`t result in any racing heart.


One day I then got in contact with a guy called Andrew.He was one year older than I,and had two children about the same age as mine. He sounded nice and kind.He didn´t have a profile picture on the site; he said that his friend would pass by and take some of him,which he would then put online.


We wrote to eachother for about a week,and I became more and more interested in him.There was something funny about him,as he was from my home town Atlanta.He knew the same spots in town as I ,and even knew some of my friends.I felt that I really knew him well,and when we arranged our first date,I didn`t worry too much about the fact that I hadn`t seen his picture.



We were to meet in a cosy bistro in town,and I was looking much forward to our meeting.I arrived a little early,and was shown to our prebooked table.I was placed with my back to the entrance;I actually thought that it made the whole seance even more interesting.Suddenly someone lay their hands over my eyes.It was my date.When I saw him I was surprised and not at the same time not.My date was my ex husband!



He had noticed me from the beginning on the site.He still had warm feelings for me,and after that he had a broken relationship,he decided to put a profile on handicap-dating.co.uk.It was intentional that he hadn`t put a profile picture of himself online,so that I wouldn`t reject him,and not write to him.In relationship to his name,he didn`t lie,as he is called Andrew.


I thought that it was really fantastic.Via the dating site we had reestablished our relationship,not before as youngsters,but now as mature adults.There was this great advantage that we didn`t need to get to know eachothers children,and their families!


I thought that it was a great experience to view my ex husband,going to all these lengths,in order to show his love and commitment to me.Blessings to him and for love!


Warmest Greetings   Dorothy


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